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Service Excellence

Creativity and experience are our hallmarks, plus we stand by the quality of everything we design and sell. We have a Staff System Designer with almost 40 years experience, in addition to our Graphic Designer. We pride ourselves on our superb customer service and the knowledge of our people. We offer our customers unsurpassed expertise on commercial backlit display products and we serve the United States of America. Lightbox Concepts™ is "anti-Spam" and does not use unethical promotional methods. All data is private and will not be sold or shared with any entities outside of our company. This site is reserved for the use of Lightbox Concepts™ customers only.

Purchasing, Manufacturing and Shipping

We can work directly with consumers, as an electrician is all that you need to install these products. We also have considerable experience with corporate, government and educational customers, as well. We welcome inquires from retailers, custom installers, builders, contractors, architects, interior designers and anyone with both vision and specific needs. We only directly ship to addresses within the US, plus Canada, but visit www.CinemaShop.com for potential international orders.

Our signs take about 2 weeks to manufacture for black and satin silver finishes, plus 3 about weeks for satin gold. Add about 2 to 5 business days for the shipper to get it to you. Bigger custom orders and large quantities can take up to 4 weeks to manufacture- contact us for specific shipping information.
As our products are custom made and fairly quickly shipped out, the CinemaShop does not accept Purchase Orders and require pre-payment before manufacturing commences. As our products are custom manufactured to your specifications, there are no returns for refund or exchange. All products carry a full 1-year manufacturer's warranty - click here for details.

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